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9 Ways To Lemonade

Hey it’s me. Just sliding  in your inbox with a refreshing thirst trap for ya.  A thirst trap for the actually very thirsty.  And more than a trap it’s a solution.   Lemonade.  All kinda of ways.  Pink, green, spicy, tropical, healthy, caffeinated.  Gosh Beyonce would be proud. I’m just trying to keep it fresh for us this August!  These days are aggressive and we need a little solace in the glass.   Here are nine…

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Frozen Pineapple Jalapeno Margaritas

Hey friends I think you went and celebrated the 4th of July without me this weekend.  I wasn’t there. I was very late to the party… in fact I didn’t make it at all.   I thought we were all being normal and celebrating on the actual 4th until I returned to my hotel after the longest and hottest Dallas Texas weekend work day to find literally (not literally) everyone at the pool in their…

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