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Brown Sugar Fig Bubbly.

by Jessica on August 23, 2018 24 6 Oh how this fig cocktail is a thing of beauty! You GUYS. You know it. I get insanely excited for fig season. Even though it only seems to last for about 56 seconds in my area, I live up these weeks of fresh figs and enjoy. I buy them for cheese plates and risotto and now cocktails. I eat them fresh for a snack and caramelize them…

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Beans Featured Grilling Italian photo Quick Recipes Side dish Summer Summer Squash Vegetarian Zucchini

grilled zucchini ribbons with pesto and white beans

This is a very loose recipe. Sure, I made it with zucchini ribbons, but there’s no reason you cannot use smaller or angled slices. Sure, I grilled it but if you don’t have a grill outside or an indoor grill pan, you could roast or broil it instead. It will taste essentially the same, which is to say, I hope, awesome. You could eat this with grilled bread for a light summer meal. You could…

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9 Ways To Lemonade

Hey it’s me. Just sliding  in your inbox with a refreshing thirst trap for ya.  A thirst trap for the actually very thirsty.  And more than a trap it’s a solution.   Lemonade.  All kinda of ways.  Pink, green, spicy, tropical, healthy, caffeinated.  Gosh Beyonce would be proud. I’m just trying to keep it fresh for us this August!  These days are aggressive and we need a little solace in the glass.   Here are nine…

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Fresh Heirloom Tomato Bloody Marys.

by Jessica on August 16, 2018 24 8 I’ve found it! The bloody mary cocktail that I can’t get enough of. Crazy, right?! The best bloody mary recipe that I’m actually into is not something I thought I’d find this summer.  And who would have ever thought a bloody mary could be SO pretty? MY OTHER RECIPES It’s no secret that I don’t loooove bloody marys. For years I’ve documented my distaste for tomato sauce…

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Featured Italian Lemon Recipes

ciambellone, an italian tea cake

The cake keeps for days at room temperature and goes so well with all of the berries currently in season at breakfast, for an afternoon snack, or for dessert, ours was gone at a disappearance rate usually associated sunken jammy strawberries, streuseled blueberries, and marbled bananas. Written below is an 80% level of the cake, as I’d found the original too voluminous for some bundts. Bundts are generally 10-cup or 12-cup; the one shown here…

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Featured Recipes Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays, Vol 11.

by Jessica on August 10, 2018 11 10 Hey hey summer fridays!! You’re the best. CREATING My ideal 2018. Well, the rest of it! Until last week I hadn’t even revisited the goals I had set at the beginning of the year. I mean, I was working towards certain ones but hadn’t taken a close look in forever. I want a clear plan for the rest of 2018. How I want my perfect day to…

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Featured Recipes Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays, Vol. 10.

by Jessica on August 3, 2018 6 10 HELLO summer fridays! I love you so much. CREATING An outdoor picnic spread for us! Like I want a blanket, a basket and all the rosé one could desire. I want to do it at sunset or maybe around an outdoor movie? SIPPING I can’t get enough of my lavender lemonade. I know it’s wild how seriously into lavender I’ve become in the last few years (especially…

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5 Ingredients or Fewer Cucumber Featured photo Quick Recipes salad Summer Vegetarian Watermelon

watermelon cucumber salad

We’ve decided to spend as much time as humanly possible at the beach this summer, which has led to my other new favorite habit: grabbing a few cookbooks I’ve been meaning to go through and reading them en route. In the fleeting moments when the kids have limited their bickering in the backseat and the traffic isn’t too terrible, when I’ve been away from my laptop and the kitchen for enough hours that I’m ready…

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caramel corn Featured gluten-free Holiday popcorn Recipes Snacks spiced caramel corn Summer

Cinnamon Harissa Caramel Corn

There are a few things I think of as secret weapons in the kitchen.  You know, skills that are pretty simple once we get a few things right and inspire self-confidence in the kitchen.  A rich, chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie is on this list of kitchen secret weapons, as is a simple Roasted Chicken.  Both inspire comfort and confidence.  Also on our list of kitchen secret weapons is homemade caramel for its secret ease and…

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Beef Cucumber Dairy-Free Featured gluten-free Green Beans Grilling Meat Recipes salad Thai Tomatoes Weeknight Favorite

garlic lime steak and noodle salad

As we discussed when we made Crispy Tofu Pad Thai, fish sauce brands can vary a lot in their salty intensity so any recipe that uses it should be adjusted to taste. It’s not written this way below because the dressing should be all you need for flavor, but I usually toss my cucumber slices with a splash of rice vinegar, a splash of toasted sesame oil, and two pinches of salt because certain small…

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