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one-hour homemade ricotta

If you have an hour and a stove and enjoy delicious things then I have a weekend kitchen project just for you! Homemade ricotta! Making cheese is “whey” easier than it seems. Cheese-making has been on my to-do list for “whey” too long. (Are we tired of this joke, yet?) (No “whey”!) I promised myself I would give it a go after my trip to Vermont this fall when I got to go behind the…

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red wine brownie hearts + a GALentine’s day video

Valentine’s Day seems to be a polarizing holiday; a love or loathe type of situation that makes people cringe in disgust or happily don headbands with bobbing red glitter heart antennae attached. This year it is just a straight-up polar-vortexing holiday which is neither here nor there and that was just me trying to get in all my vortex jokes while I am able. I suppose I fall somewhere in the middle and my usual…

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superbowl + meyer lemon bars with salt n’ pepper crust

I’ve lived 28 years of life without hearing or even knowing that the words “Polar” and “Vortex” had any possible meaning when strung together. Now their meaning is as clear as ice. Also quite literally, as cold as ice. There has been so much crazy going on these days! Not only has this January had more snow and cold than I can remember in all of the 10 years I’ve lived here COMBINED — but…

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cream cheese spritz + a video!

We are now three-quarters through my favorite time of the year: The Month of Holiday Baking. It may be the food coloring, it may be the parties, it may be the snow that we have been getting in Brooklyn that feels oh-so-festive but regardless of the reason, I been joyously dusted in flour from head to toe. I’ve made a few batches of ginger molasses chocolate chip cookies, a round of my aunt’s lemon sugar…

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pretzel carm-ales (beer caramels) + Ovenly giveaway

Update 12/24/13: Congratulations Christy! A box of Ovenly goodies is coming your way! Homemade caramels have always been a sticking point (pun intended) for me. Meringue – no prob! Frosting a multi-layered cake – sure, you got it – and would you like me to bring it on the subway as well? OK, see you soon! I have quite a lot of patience when it comes to kitchen projects but there was something about caramel-making…

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announcements Cookies Featured photo recipe seasons Winter

mulled wine crumble bars + The Curated Cookie Platter

Hello dearest friends. I have a few super exciting announcements. The first is that the extra special holiday project I’ve been working on is finally ready to be introduced to the world. This is something I have wanted to share with you for a long time now and I’d like for you to formally meet The Curated Cookie Platter. The Curated Cookie Platter is a collection of twelve bite-sized mix-&-match cookie recipes for all your…

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crème fraîche apple bourbon bundt

If I were a more talented lyricist then this post would include a humorous baking-inspired cover of Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s famous song, called oh I don’t know something along the lines of “I Like Big Bundts”. It would be amazing. I hope somewhere in the world that exists for the sake of bundt lovers everywhere. But instead there is just this recipe. But it’s a recipe for a bundt that is not messing around. I can not…

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Fried Blueberry Hand Pies

It’s early in these warm weather months and I’ve already jumped from a dock into a lake.  And, to be honest, it was more of a reluctant fall into a lake than a confident jump because, well… everyone knows lakes are full of fish, moss, and lake monsters – enter at your own risk – which I did – and I’m here to tell the tale of that and, more importantly, fried pies. The lake…

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creamy pumpkin gingersnap tart with bourbon whip

We made it! The Week of Thanksgiving is finally here. You probably have had your Thanksgiving dessert mapped out for weeks now and have been just waiting at the ready for the day to come and your plan to be put into action. But if you are still on the fence about what to make or if a few dozen more people decided to show up and you are in need of another dessert then…

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almond jam tart + The Kinfolk Table

Update 11/23/2013: Congratulations Kathleen! Thank you all for entering and happy holiday baking! When the Burl Ives begins to play on a constant loop and the twinkling street lights go up while the trees still cling to their last leaves and it seems like the holidays are barreling down on us faster than one can say “Gift wrap!” I begin a little countdown of my own. There are only 5.5 weeks left until my mom’s…

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