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Autumn Apple Bourbon Fizz.

by Jessica on October 11, 2018 19 7 If we’re not putting apple butter in our cocktail, are we even October-ing? That answer would be no, so an apple butter cocktail is here! We have a ridiculous amount of apple butter in this house. Eddie absolutely loves it and has it on toast almost daily, and he gets jars from local farms that are gigantic! The biggest jars he can find and he just enjoys…

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Brown Sugar Fig Bubbly.

by Jessica on August 23, 2018 24 6 Oh how this fig cocktail is a thing of beauty! You GUYS. You know it. I get insanely excited for fig season. Even though it only seems to last for about 56 seconds in my area, I live up these weeks of fresh figs and enjoy. I buy them for cheese plates and risotto and now cocktails. I eat them fresh for a snack and caramelize them…

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