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Little Peach Hand Pies.

by Jessica on July 18, 2018 13 10 As I continue my summer of warm, syrupy fruit with melty ice cream… I bring you peach hand pies! Little peach hand pies. Mini peach hand pies! I guess the “hand” in hand pies already means that they are teeny, but these are… teenier. Yes. Let’s say teenier. Cute and adorable and bite-sizeable. I love them. MY OTHER RECIPES We’ve had black raspberry cobbler, strawberry cobbler bars…

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Dessert Featured Fruit Summer

Smashed Cookie Salad with Strawberries

Cookie Salad? Cookie Salad! This is not your typical salad but with the first local strawberries of the year popping up here in Scandinavia, a smashed cookie salad seemed like a proper way to celebrate. Every country think their strawberries are the best, but Swedish strawberries around June and July are truly unbeatable. They are plump, deep red, very sweet and so so good simply served in a bowl with just a dash of oat milk or cream. Delicious as that may be,…

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Breakfast Dessert Featured Fruit Soup

Rhubarb, Ginger & Strawberry Soup

My grandma had rhubarbs growing in her garden and would cook them into a sweet, tangy and unfortunately quite stringy soup with lots of little bits in it. I never liked that soup. She passed away while I was still young so I don’t remember a lot about her. But I do still remember that soup. How annoying is that!? One of the few memories you have of a person is something they cooked for you that you didn’t like. Eight year…

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Breakfast Dessert Featured Vegan

Blueberry Chia Bowl with Warm Banana and Sesame Brittle

Before we dig into this showpiece of a sweet bowl, I wanted to share a little feature that I started on my instagram this month. I simply call it March Favorites. It’s a curated list of seasonal favorites that I will share each month. Things that I wear or use and ingredients that we cook with. And since it’s a new thing, I included it here as well. As a sort of inspiration./Luise M A R C H   F A V O R I T E…

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