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layered mocha cheesecake

Prepare pans: Line two 9×13 cake pans or quarter-sheet pans (what I use) with foil. You really don’t want this foil to tear; a trick I like is to press it over the outside of the cake pan first to mold the shape of the foil. Then, when you flip it over and line the inside, it’s easier to press tightly against the walls without tearing. Lightly coat the foil with nonstick cooking spray. Line…

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red wine brownie hearts + a GALentine’s day video

Valentine’s Day seems to be a polarizing holiday; a love or loathe type of situation that makes people cringe in disgust or happily don headbands with bobbing red glitter heart antennae attached. This year it is just a straight-up polar-vortexing holiday which is neither here nor there and that was just me trying to get in all my vortex jokes while I am able. I suppose I fall somewhere in the middle and my usual…

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ice cream cake roll

Wait, come back! No matter how charming Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood made them look on that early episode of Great British Bake Off, I know how most of us feel actually feel about making rolled cakes, which is that they’re the worst: pesky with separated eggs, fragile, cracking, prone to failure, causing foul language to leave the mouth of the person cooking. (“You owe me a quarter, mom.” “Not if you want cake.” is…

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Flourless Chocolate Cake With A Twist.

There are times you just want chocolate. Easter Sunday for example. I know it’s already bee a couple of weeks since then but I still think about chocolate. And cake. You say Easter and it generates something of a Pavlov response in me. Easter meant roasted leg of lamb, green beans with lots of garlic, new potatoes and chocolate in my family. It also seemed to be my grandmother’s favorite holiday, after Christmas. To this…

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Chocolate Cookies Featured

Make these cookies!

April 29, 2018 I could not stop eating these soft chocolatey cookies filled with pockets of Nutella right in the middle. Oh my gosh. So good! Ingredients are straight up basic but these cookies are bursting with chocolate flavor. Dreamy! And a delicious addition mixed in the batter. Now let’s double the fun with chocolate morsels. Chill the dough and prepare more Nutella to stuff inside. Pipe very thick lines on wax paper using remaining…

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