Breakfast Budget Eggs Featured Freezer Friendly

breakfast burritos

The first time I made breakfast burritos the way I like them — that is, the eggs softly scrambled and never dry, busy with vegetables, and nothing terrifying like hot, wet lettuce inside, second only to eating them in front seat of your car in an Austin parking lot on a chilly morning, a Topo Chico in the cup holder (i.e. maybe not exactly the way I like them, but real life requires compromises, or…

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Breakfast Cakes Featured

Wild Blueberry Buckle Coffee Cake

October 7, 2018 This blueberry coffee cake is great for breakfast or snacking or both. It’s a definite keeper! And that’s coming from my my neighbors, my mom and me. The cake. The crumb. It’s all incredibly good. The recipe is from my blogging friend, Marla Meredith’s new book High Alpine Cuisine … all about comfort food inspired by her love of the outdoors and her mountain travels from the Colorado Rockies all the way…

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Breakfast Featured

Swedish Breakfast + Win a trip to Sweden!

Hi! We had to take some time away from this space while finishing the manuscript for our next book but we are super happy to be back here blogging again. We have got a couple of fun recipes lined up for the next weeks but we are starting off with our favorite meal of the day and a competition with a seriously AMAZING prize! Keep reading to see how you can win a trip for two to Sweden to stay at forest restaurant…

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Breakfast Featured photo

mini (baked) toasted coconut banana bread doughnuts

Mini doughnuts are pretty exciting. Tiny plus doughnuts – what is not to love? But I should probably clear the air before going any further. For quite a while I have been against The Mini Doughnut Pan. It always seemed like a frivolous baking extravagance that even I could not justify. (And this is coming from the human who stores sprinkles and cookie cutters under her bed.) There just seemed to me so many reasons…

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Beans Breakfast Brunch Casserole Eggs Featured Recipes Tex-Mex Vegetarian

chilaquiles brunch casserole

Could you add sauteed vegetables or bits of crispy bacon or chorizo to the layers before baking it? Of course you could. Could you use a high-quality tortilla chip instead of frying your own corn tortillas? I think you could. You’ll want to use 7.8 to 8 ounces of tortilla chips instead of what is listed below. Red enchilada sauce (also known as salsa roja or salsa roja para enchiladas) is a tomato and chili…

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Breakfast Dessert Featured Fruit Soup

Rhubarb, Ginger & Strawberry Soup

My grandma had rhubarbs growing in her garden and would cook them into a sweet, tangy and unfortunately quite stringy soup with lots of little bits in it. I never liked that soup. She passed away while I was still young so I don’t remember a lot about her. But I do still remember that soup. How annoying is that!? One of the few memories you have of a person is something they cooked for you that you didn’t like. Eight year…

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Breakfast Dessert Featured Vegan

Blueberry Chia Bowl with Warm Banana and Sesame Brittle

Before we dig into this showpiece of a sweet bowl, I wanted to share a little feature that I started on my instagram this month. I simply call it March Favorites. It’s a curated list of seasonal favorites that I will share each month. Things that I wear or use and ingredients that we cook with. And since it’s a new thing, I included it here as well. As a sort of inspiration./Luise M A R C H   F A V O R I T E…

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