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red wine brownie hearts + a GALentine’s day video

Valentine’s Day seems to be a polarizing holiday; a love or loathe type of situation that makes people cringe in disgust or happily don headbands with bobbing red glitter heart antennae attached. This year it is just a straight-up polar-vortexing holiday which is neither here nor there and that was just me trying to get in all my vortex jokes while I am able. I suppose I fall somewhere in the middle and my usual…

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pretzel carm-ales (beer caramels) + Ovenly giveaway

Update 12/24/13: Congratulations Christy! A box of Ovenly goodies is coming your way! Homemade caramels have always been a sticking point (pun intended) for me. Meringue – no prob! Frosting a multi-layered cake – sure, you got it – and would you like me to bring it on the subway as well? OK, see you soon! I have quite a lot of patience when it comes to kitchen projects but there was something about caramel-making…

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crème fraîche apple bourbon bundt

If I were a more talented lyricist then this post would include a humorous baking-inspired cover of Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s famous song, called oh I don’t know something along the lines of “I Like Big Bundts”. It would be amazing. I hope somewhere in the world that exists for the sake of bundt lovers everywhere. But instead there is just this recipe. But it’s a recipe for a bundt that is not messing around. I can not…

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