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Honeycrisp Crush.

by Jessica on September 6, 2018 27 6 Jump up and down if you love honeycrisp apple season! Jump up and down if you love honeycrisp apple cocktail season. I’m basically doing cartwheels. MY OTHER RECIPES It’s no secret that I wait the entire year for honeycrisp apples. What is it about them that is just so… crisp? So delicious? So… apple-ish? Max eats an apple sprinkled with cinnamon every single day and I was…

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crème fraîche apple bourbon bundt

If I were a more talented lyricist then this post would include a humorous baking-inspired cover of Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s famous song, called oh I don’t know something along the lines of “I Like Big Bundts”. It would be amazing. I hope somewhere in the world that exists for the sake of bundt lovers everywhere. But instead there is just this recipe. But it’s a recipe for a bundt that is not messing around. I can not…

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